Incontinence Underwear Post Prostate Cancer

The best incontinence underwear for men after prostate cancer treatment

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located just below a man’s bladder. Because of its proximity to the urinary system, surgery to remove the prostate or radiation treatment for cancer of the prostate can cause damage to the bladder, urethra (the tube that carries pee from your bladder through your penis) and/or sphincter (which controls the release of urine). This can result in urinary incontinence.

Many men experience an initial period of heavy bladder leakage immediately following surgery. Most will regain bladder control over time, but some experience an extended period of light-to-moderate bladder leaks.

One of our US customers was so happy to discover Confitex for Men that he contacted us and offered to appear in a series of videos endorsing our reusable incontinence underwear for men. After three and a half years of using adult pull-ups, pads and even toilet paper as protection from dribbling and leaks, he found Confitex for Men washable leakproof boxer briefs offered him a more comfortable, convenient and discreet solution than the other available options for adult male incontinence. Knowing how they had changed his life, he wanted to share the love with other men living with the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

Please watch this genuine, unsolicited testimonial from a Confitex customer:

What male urinary incontinence products have you used for urinary problems and dribbling?

I had surgery on my prostate about three and a half years ago and used Depends for probably about a year, a year and a half. Then I used pads for maybe another half a year, and then for a couple of months I used toilet tissue.

How did you find Confitex and why do you feel it is the best incontinence underwear for men?

When I looked online I found Confitex so I’ve been using Confitex underpants now for probably about a year and a half I’d say. They’ve really changed my life because I just wake up, put on the Confitex underwear early in the morning, go about my day, live my life, at the end of the day take them off, put them in the laundry with the rest of my dirty laundry, wash them and reuse them again.

How have Confitex leakproof underwear for men changed your life?

Confitex underpants made my life a lot easier because I didn’t have to deal with pads any more. I used to go on vacation, and when at first I didn’t use Confitex pants I’d pack dozens of Depends or dozens of pads and then I felt very bad at the end because you have to throw them away and it’s bad for the environment. I really feel that Confitex underwear has changed my life, made my life simpler and is better for the environment.

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