Despite our efforts to break down the taboos around male urinary problems, it's still something many men don't feel comfortable talking about. So we were delighted when a highly satisfied Confitex for Men customer got in touch, volunteering to appear in a series of videos endorsing our reusable incontinence underwear for men.

As a prostate cancer survivor himself, he felt that more men needed to be aware of how useful Confitex men's incontinence underwear are for the light-to-moderate bladder leakage that often follows prostate cancer treatment. For many men, initial heavy urinary incontinence is followed by an extended period of light-to-moderate bladder leaks. That's when they find our comfortable discreet washable incontinence underwear for men useful for allowing them to get on with life without worrying about continually buying and disposing of single-use male urinary incontinence products such as guards and shields.

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Watch his genuine customer testimonial here:

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Tell us about incontinence as a side effect of prostate cancer treatment

“I was about 60-61 when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has really changed my life in many ways, but Confitex underwear have made my life a lot better. I was leaking quite a bit and it’s very frustrating to leak urine, you know.

Still from Confitex for Men leakproof underwear review video with subtitle about bladder leakage

You don’t expect that in your 60s, you’d be incontinent, then you start leaking and it’s just not fun. At the beginning it’s just always there and you’re afraid to leak and it’s just an uncomfortable feeling that you don’t have control over your bodily systems that you used to have great control over. So Confitex underwear have really changed my life.”

How do Confitex leakproof briefs for men feel to wear?

“Confitex underwear feel just like any comfortable underwear. They look like regular underpants, they’re very comfortable and they don’t make noise. Confitex underpants make me feel confident that I can go about my day and not worry about it. Even if I do leak, I can be comfortable knowing that they’re doing the job that I want them to do.”

Still from Confitex for Men leakproof underwear testimonial video showing man relaxing on swing

How do you wash Confitex incontinence underwear for men?

“What’s beautiful about them is I just wake up in the morning, put on my underwear like I would any other underwear, go about my day and don’t worry about anything. At the end of the day I put them in the wash with the rest of my dirty laundry, wash them and then reuse them the next day.”

Video still showing Confitex incontinence underwear can be machine washed and tumble dried

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