Real-life read: “Breastfeeding is no joke”

Real-life read: “Breastfeeding is no joke”

Lee struggled through two years of breastfeeding her first child, using unsatisfactory nursing pads that leaked, smelled and made her itch. But since the birth of her second child, Just’nCase Contoured nursing pads have transformed her breastfeeding experience. She wrote to us because she wanted other mums to know about her discovery. Here’s her email:

“I would like to let you know how impressed I am with my new Just’nCase nursing pads. I wish I’d known about them earlier!

“Many moms would agree that breastfeeding is no joke. I can barely remember how I survived two years of it four years ago. Fast forward to today, with my second baby, and it’s not until the milk came in that the memories came flooding back! The nightmare of wet bras and tops – not only is it uncomfortable, but I would often find myself smelling my tops to check whether it was me who stank like spoiled milk!

“I don’t have oversupply but when let-down happens, nothing on earth can stop it.

“I’ve used many different brands of disposable nursing pads, but they soaked through really fast and the synthetic material made my slightly sensitive skin itch. They were also not eco-friendly and definitely not cost-effective. I then tried many different reusable nursing pads. Synthetic and cotton ones all failed to do their job. They would feel damp and leak! While the slightly contoured bamboo ones were a bit more comfortable, they were still scratchy against my skin, especially after let-down when skin that was in contact with the damp pad got very itchy.

“I was not about to give up. I googled ‘nursing pads’ and clicked into Just’nCase by Confitex – and I'm so glad I did. There's no turning back!

“To be honest, I was a bit sceptical at first. Many of us have experienced shopping online that goes terribly wrong – products that look nothing like the photo or don’t work as described. Then I did a bit of research and found good reviews about Confitex’s Just’nCase briefs. Although the nursing pads cost a little more than other reusable pads out there, the material looked very comfy and I was in desperate need of effective nursing pads – so I gave it a shot.

“Wow, I love my Just’nCase nursing pads! They are much more absorbent and comfortable than I imagined. After more than 24 hours of wear, they are not damp at all. Also, they seem to repel smell. Unlike other nursing pads, which have a lingering smell of milk despite wash after wash, I have washed them a dozen times and not only do they have much less smell, they also hold their shape well with no fraying bits!

“They are a bit thicker than some other brands of disposable and reusable nursing pads, but I can live with that, because what’s the point of having thinner pads that don't do their job? Also personally I would love it if the sides were deeper so the pad conformed even better to the breast (let’s face it, we mamas know hardworking breasts get ‘elongated’ during breastfeeding) and the edges sat nicely to the skin without leaving a small gap.

“But, having said that, they’re by far the best nursing pads I’ve used. I'm so pleased with the three pairs I bought that I'm going to get three more so I have enough when they’re in the wash.

“Thank you for creating such a valuable product. I wish they’d been available when I had my first baby four years ago. I have never written a compliment email for a product before. Sorry I wrote a novel, but I want other mums out there to know about my experience with Just’nCase so they can have a better breastfeeding experience too!”

We would like to thank Lee for sending us this genuine product review and giving us permission to share it with you.

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