Real-life read: A young man’s experience of incontinence

Real-life read: A young man’s experience of incontinence

It’s not only older men who experience unwanted drips and dribbles. Bladder leaks can affect younger men too, so it’s a relief to find a discreet, dignified solution. Alexei shares his story:  

I was assessed as having an enlarged prostate, which thankfully is not serious and at the moment doesn’t require invasive treatment. However, one of the consequences is my leaky bladder.  

Before it happened to me, I wrongly assumed that it only happened to older people, so as a younger man it has been hard to cope with. Sometimes I will leak a little before getting to the toilet, but mostly it happens when there is pressure on my bladder from coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercise, running etc.  

I work in retail in a busy clothes shop, so I’m moving around a lot and things like bending down to pick up a box in the storeroom are likely to cause a little flood.  

It really does affect every part of your life. I’m quite active and enjoy running, but again that can lead to very damp pants.  

I’ve tried a lot of options. At first I was too embarrassed to admit to myself that I needed incontinence aids so I would stuff my pants with tissues or wear two or three pairs of pants to try to prevent visible wet patches. Then I started using disposable pads, but didn’t feel they caught everything, so I moved on to pull-up pants. I felt very self-conscious as they can be quite bulky under certain clothes and I was constantly checking to make sure the waistband wasn’t showing. They absorbed everything but I never felt comfortable in them.  

What’s good about Confitex pants is that theyre really absorbent and comfortable. I can wear them all day at work and they never feel damp or uncomfortable.  

But the best thing is they look and feel like normal pants, so I don’t feel like I’m wearing some kind ofadult nappy like the disposable ones. I can change at the gym or be at work all day and not worry because, even if someone did see them, they wouldn’t know a thing – you can’t tell they are for incontinence at all. 

We would like to thank Alexei (not his real name) for sharing his story with us.  

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