How to manage urinary incontinence on holiday

Does your weak bladder have you trapped in lockdown?  

Does the thought of packing a suitcase full of pads (and then figuring out how to dispose of them along the way) put you off going on holiday? Is anxiety about staying close to a loo stopping you from getting out there and seeing the world?

Don’t let light bladder leakage hold you back from living your dreams. With our leakproof absorbent underwear for men and women you’ll have those little accidents covered. No more faffing around with pads and shields that you need to change several times a day... just pack a few pairs of our normal-looking washable absorbent undies and you’re covered for life’s little leaks all day long.

Read our top tips for anxiety-free travel and get booking your next adventure!


1. Make a pee plan

Many people find they experience more little leaks when they have a full bladder, so make sure you can get to a toilet when you feel the urge. Book early so you can select aisle seats near a toilet on the plane. If you’re planning a road-trip, schedule your stops to make use of public conveniences. Download a toilet finder app such as Flush or Bathroom Scout to your cellphone so you can always have the peace of mind of knowing how far you are from the nearest loo.

2. Doctor’s orders

If your weak bladder is caused by health issues, discuss your travel plans with your doctor well in advance of your departure date so you can get your medications organised. Keep medications in their original packaging and get a doctor’s note for anything that might attract the attention of customs officials.

3. Get covered

Travel insurance is always a smart move, but if you’re recovering from surgery or facing other health issues it’s even more important. Make sure you declare any pre-existing conditions or you may not be covered.

4. Keep watered

When you’re worried about bladder leakage it’s tempting to cut back on fluids, but plane travel is very dehydrating and it’s especially important to keep drinking water if you’re travelling in a hot climate. Use your thirst as a guide. If you’re worried about the quality of the drinking water but don’t want to buy disposable plastic bottles that contribute to landfill, take a refillable bottle and fill it at a safe source or use water purification tablets (just remember to empty it before boarding flights – you don't want to have it confiscated!)

5. Watch what you eat

Avoid foods and drinks that  are likely to irritate your bladder and exacerbate leakage. Limit coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, alcohol and acidic and spicy foods as much as you can without ruining your holiday!

6. Look after number two

Constipation can exacerbate leaks, so eat lots of fibre, fruits and vegetables to keep things moving along. Lack of exercise can contribute to constipation, so try to walk around the plane and airport terminal as much as possible on long journeys, and build a daily walk or swim into your travel schedule.

7. Stock up

Make sure you pack enough pairs of Confitex underwear to see you through. Because you can wash them just like ordinary undies you don’t have to take a fresh pair for every day of the trip – just take the same number of pairs as you’d take of normal undies, and wash and dry them as needed using the washing facilities at your destination. If you need to order more  from our website, please allow plenty of time for delivery to make sure they arrive before you head off on your holiday.

8. Keep your powder dry

Pop a sachet of washing powder in your suitcase, as well as a plastic bag for dirty linen or some of our purpose-designed waterproof hygiene bags. Our underwear can be hand or machine washed, and dried on a line, in a linen closet or in a dryer. If your hotel room has a heated towel rail, just hang them over that at night and they should be dry by morning!

9. Have a B-plan

If you’re on a long-haul flight, pack a spare pair of our underwear and one of our waterproof hygiene bags in your hand luggage so you can change half-way through the journey or during a stopover. They’re not designed as a replacement for a toilet stop, but they will provide comfort and security between visits and make sure you feel fresh when you step off the plane. Please see our website to find the right absorbency for you. We recommend that you trial them at home before you leave to make sure they will suit your needs.

10. Go wild!

The super-absorbent fabric technology that makes our underwear work so well was first developed to allow cross-country skiers to keep going longer between toilet stops. So with the comfort and security of Confitex Technology on board, you can get out there and enjoy all those experiences you’ve been missing. Happy holidays!

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